Daniel Colman

October 3, 2014 Posted in Players by No Comments

Daniel Negreanu gave Daniel Colman all the credits he deserved after winning the Big One for Drop in 2014 but Daniel Colman didn’t seem to happy with the prize. Every poker website and news website over the world didn’t only talk about his winnings but also about his reaction to winning more than $15,000,000.

daniel_colmanColman neglects to give interviews about his game and isn’t planning to change that in the near future. Despite the fact he is a talented player he doesn’t want to get mixed up with all the poker action that happens after the game is finished. He even said that he thinks poker is a very dark game.

Negreanu stated that Colman was here to work and if he decides not to give any interviews that his is own choice.   In that same interview he said that he has respect for the way Colman plays, as he is still young. He plays more careful than other young players and what makes him tough is that he is very good at playing flops.

Well with over $20,000,000 dollar in winnings in a little over 9 months, Daniel Colman is on a heater and hopefully for him he will stay there a bit longer.

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